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About Us | Everything you wanted to know

Founded in August 2001, by Anthony Engelbrecht, and driven by forward thinking open-minded individuals motivated by the desire to contribute to the success of clients, ATTUNE presents cost effective, well-designed solutions to a range of challenges faced by different industries.

These business driven solutions extend from proprietary owned software to co-managing key outsource agreements.

The function of information technology in achieving integration is to assist in streamlining processes, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Open-Source Technologies
ATTUNE deploys mostly Open-Source Technologies where possible, so as to reduce cost-of-ownership, whilst improving on Reliability. This is done by implementing Linux based solutions where the traditional Windows based systems where used before. Not only does this apply to operating systems and off the shelf applications, but also to development tools when developing customised solutions to its clients needs.

Networking Infrastructure
ATTUNE is involved in providing small to large networking infrastructure role-out and maintenance, from copper cabling, to Fibre Optic and Wireless technologies.

ATTUNE's biggest activity in this area is Outdoor wireless networks, which cover in excess of 100 000 square killometers of currently underserviced areas, in South Africa. ATTUNE provides last mile service to small and medium business, home owners, as well as game lodges and farm owners, so that they may make use of the Internet to improve their business and knowledge.

We are also able to provide ISP services, from the traditional old dialup account, to the world of broadband connectivity including DSL and WiFi.

ATTUNE is currently involved in small and large VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) implementations, as PABX implementations, to least cost routing and reduced international calling. Current projects include providing last mile service of voice calling to currently un-serviced farms and game lodges.

ATTUNE currently plays a major role in the South African Healthcare industry, providing skill and solutions from: Real-time claims processing and Managed Healthcare systems, to low and high-level communication technology.

ATTUNE currently provides connectivity solutions, via 10 practice management system vendors, to all pharmacies, 1300 doctors, and 6 hospitals in South Africa.

ATTUNE is also able to provide cost-effective data warehouse and data mining solutions to the Healthcare industry through its extensive experience in this area, utilising open-source and free database technology. These solutions are able to migrate, or grow with an organisations needs.

ATTUNE is also currently involved in Healthcare project, pertaining to its technology, with the Ministry of Health and the Drug services of Barbados in the Carribean.