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Two way SMS gateway | Got a mobile phone?

With the advent of cellphones, communication became an important tool, not only for business use, but also for everyday activities, including recreation. With roughly 12 million cellphone users in South Africa, the communication possibilities are enourmous.

With SMS (Short-Message-Service), you are able to reach a target market by sending them a short message. This could be a birthday greeting, a Christmas wish, News, or even valuable information regarding the patients health and insurance benefits and when he must take his medication.

ATTUNE has developed a two way messaging gateway, that not only allows you to send out hundreds of SMS's, but also to take input back from a handset back to the originator of the SMS. An example of such an activity would be: Pharmacy sends SMS to patient notifying him/her that their repeat drug is due to be filled and if it should be delivered? The patient replies to the SMS with a "YES" or a "NO", and this is carried back to the pharmacist system which then either automatically dispenses the drugs if required.

Whilst sounding far-fetched, this is infact a reality with todays technology.

There is an endless number of applications and uses for two way SMS's, and in conjuction with the ATTUNE eGateway, provides a complete solution to tackle this opportunity