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CPI | "A way to connect from anywhere"

There are many different methods of communication, for the passing of data or transactions/messages, available. These methods range from older copper type infrastructure, to fiber optic and wireless. Again these can be broken up further, such as in the case of copper with solutions such as, leased line or dialup, and with dialup you can use either Analogue or ISDN. Each of these methods also has a cost of use, and this must be evaluated in deciding on the best method.

ATTUNE believes that each method has its advantages, and disadvantages. Some methods are great when sending or receiving small amounts of data, whilst others are ideal for large data transmissions. ATTUNE therefore has developed multiple communication protocols that can be used over these different methods, where the user can specify what he or she will use for what type of data transmission.

The ATTUNE CPI communicates with eGateway via a multitude of mediums, giving the user/implementer the flexibility in choosing the best medium for their client. All protocols used by ATTUNE, are developed primarily for Real-time transaction/message-switching, however a batch mode FTP version of the CPI is available in the form of the ATTUNE FTP client.

For small transactions/messages where cost is a factor, wireless solutions prove to be the best choice if available. In South Africa, SwiftNet provides a cost-effective solution, utilising a Racal Radio device. A further alternative is to use a GPRS solution such as provided by ConnectNet.

For small or large transactions/messages/file-transfers where cost is not a concern, permanent leased line connectivity is one of the best choices available. Initial setup and purchase/rental of equipment can be costly, however responsiveness over a managed network infrastructure, can be mind blowing.

For small or large transactions/messages/file-transfers where cost is a factor, responsiveness not that important, dialup solutions are available via an ISP or other Node services.

ATTUNE CPI has been developed so as to utilise these different mediums in the best possible manner.