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Linux Support | The way the World is thinking

Linux is a freely available technowlegy, that has taken the world and conquired it when it comes to cost of ownership and reliability. Linux should be your platform of choice when it comes to the development and implementation of solutiuons that require to be up 100% of the time.

We have developed a range of solutions, as well as source available solutions from other open-source developers, to conquer a wide range of needs when it comes to: Internet connectivity, firewalls, email, proxy caching, vpns; and numerous other needs.

Our in house team of developers are able to tackle any development task, deploying their skills in providing robust and affordable solutions, implementing open-source technology as far as possible.

We have also joined forces with other SME's around the country, so as to provide any client with a complete country-wide support infrastructure, skilled and able to meet any challenge.